People like you volunteer


Drives a bus taking groups of people on outings: "I started driving Community Transport vehicles while I still had a full-time job, then got involved more when I retired. I enjoy helping them get out and about, sometimes we even go out and see a show!"


Who is 19 years old has a health problem so can't hold down a full-time job but volunteers three days a week at a town centre charity shop: "It gets me out of the house and I'm learning how to run a small business at the same time."


Pat Caulton is a Trustee for Fareham and Gosport Family Aid, a charity supporting families affected by domestic abuse.
She says: "I have been involved with the charity as a trustee for almost 10 years and have found the work challenging but extremely enjoyable. It is very rewarding to help so many vulnerable women and children. I have also been lucky to be part of a team of trustees who have the same commitment and interest in providing the best quality service that we can. It is particularly satisfying that over the years we have increased the numbers of families helped from 40 in the earliest years to more than 247 this past year. This is largely because we are now able to help more families in the community through our outreach work."
Being a trustee is rewarding, intellectually challenging and brings you into contact with like minded people working towards a common goal. Pat says that she can thoroughly recommend the work to anyone who wants to make a difference and is committed to helping others.


Volunteers on a play scheme for children with learning disabilities. She becomes a 'buddy' for a day giving confidence to an individual child. "I started volunteering because I wanted to go to medical school and it will help with my application. But the real reason I keep going is that it's really good fun."


Is a School Governor, and first got involved during a career break: "It's interesting, varied, challenging, stimulating; at times a bit scary and frustrating but overall a very rewarding role where you are involved in decisions that make a real difference to young lives."


Tackles coppicing, weeding and maintenance tasks in the open air: "Becoming a Volunteer Ranger seemed just the opportunity to give something back to the community and enjoy the fresh air and countryside but probably, more truthfully, to try and recapture something of my childhood."


Lesley is a single parent: she works full time as well as caring for her disabled daughter. Amazingly Lesley still finds time to be a volunteer visitor for the Gosport Befriending Service.
Little did Lesley know that when deciding to become a 'Befriender' she would be instrumental in 'saving a life'
This is not a dramatic statement but an exact quote from the person she visits 'Mr T'. Mr T is a charming, friendly and warm man as he says a different man to the one before Lesley was introduced to him. Then he was at an all time low with major health problems he felt there was nothing left to live for. He did not intend to be a burden to his family, and unknown to anyone he amassed a very large quantity of tablets, bought a bottle of whisky and was looking to put his affairs in order.
Thankfully before taking that final fateful step he was introduced to Lesley through the Gosport Befriending Service.
They hit it off straight away, meet twice a week and chat regularly on the phone. After several months of visits he confided to Lesley how low he once had been and showed her the tablets he had amassed.
Now, as Mr T says, "Life is good" although he still has major health problems not once has he considered ending it - thanks to Lesley.
The last word must go to Lesley herself.
"We get on so well," she says, "And have so many laughs together. I may not have a lot to give, but I can give time, and sometimes that's all that is needed"

People like you volunteer

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